Abbie Sawyer

Abbie & The Sawyers’ original Americana folk serves up earthy soundscapes, soulful hooks, and lilting harmonies rooted in the Iowa prairie. As described by dsm Magazine, their “unique blend of backwoods Appalachia and Midwest charm creates a sound that is stunningly intimate.”

Based in Des Moines, Abbie & The Sawyers has played Des Moines Arts’ Festival, Camp Euforia, Ankeny Unplugged, and many other venues across Central Iowa. Band members are Abbie Sawyer (vocals/guitar), Alex Clemons (double bass), Lorin Ditzler (vocals, banjo), and Chris LoRang (vocals, guitar).


Photos by Jami Milne

Des Moines Photographer

“I am an artist who exists to stop time that doesn’t slow down. To capture a lifetime in a single beautiful blur. To create memories for you to cling to, hold close, keep close and pass on. I am here to make real life, coveted.”