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The City Sounds Project handles the procurement, painting, installation/deinstallation, licensing, insurance, repair, ongoing maintenance, tuning and promotion for the pianos in our project. All of our pianos are painted by artists selected via a juried application process. We're excited that you are considering a piano for your location.  Please fill out THIS FORM to get the process started.

Before you do that please review the information below to see if you meet the minimum requirements we have for our hosts.

There are several factors we assess when determining whether a City Sounds piano is a good fit for a location. They include:

Sponsor Funding: The costs of transporting, painting, installing, maintaining and promoting a City Sounds piano require that each piano be sponsored at the $3500 level. Some of our pianos are funded by a single sponsor, some multiple sponsors. Our sponsors include private business, public institutions and individual donors. Check out the partners page to see a list. You must submit your funding source(s) with the application. 

Caretakers: Everyone of our pianos has dedicated caretakers that insure the cover is taken off and put on everyday of the season (May-October) and report any damage or issues with the piano to the project’s management. Your location must have caretakers to be viable. Caretakers can be a city or building maintenance staff, a business that is located in close proximity to the piano or dedicated neighborhood volunteers.  You must submit your caretaker(s) with the application.  

Location of the piano: A good fit for a City Sounds piano is a publicly accessible and safe space at your location. It's not too hard to find on your grounds, too close to traffic, or hard to reach. It also must accommodate the installation of the piano (the piano must be able to be secured to the ground which requires 2-4 small holes be drill into the pavement). If it is on public land, such as a city sidewalk, it must have approval of the governing body for that land. You must submit your location including a picture with the application.  

Some other factors we take into consideration are accessibility, amount of exposure for the piano, distance from other piano locations and possible programming opportunities at the location.  

We will accept applications on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Your application will be considered for the following year's season. Submitting an application does not guarantee your location will be chosen as a host. 

Please route any additional questions to

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Proposed Address for Piano
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Does the location for the piano require any licensing or permission from a city agency?
Can the piano be secured to the ground at your location?
How many people do you anticipate walking or driving by the piano?
What type of activities, events, or programming do you currently hold at your location or plan on holding?
Please send us any questions you may have about the process.