Sara Routh

“I am an energetic, Iowa born, world traveler who performs in and out of incredible traditional and non-traditional venues. One of my favorites… on a curb, to the homeless at 4am in Shanghai, China. Music, to me is the most incredible language. One in which everyone can comprehend. From Australia to Nepal; men, women and children are moved by the sounds of music. I was blessed with musical blood and it drives me to live. To seek truth. To feel sadness. To understand loss. To teach the unknown. To accept failure. To praise justice. To express. To trust. And most of all to love. In 2005, “Sitting On My Window” had its T.V. debut on WB’s hit show, Everwood. In 2006, the same song earned a win for the Southern California Music Awards, Best Folk Artist. Also in 2006, “You’re Never Gone” was placed and released internationally on the compilation album, Sounds of Superman. In June of 2013, my debut album “Road(s)” was proudly released internationally!

I continue to write my story and want to share it with you. This is what I do! This is who I am… and I thank you for all being a part of my journey.

Believe in yourself, for you are who you want to be.”


Meanz Chan.jpg

Photos by Meanz Chan

Des Moines Photographer

“My name is Meanz Ming Chan (Mints) (陳 明 敏) (She/Her/Hers), I am 28 and a Chinese American. I am a freelance multimedia artist located in Des Moines, Iowa. My personal work stems from feelings of isolation, nostalgia and identity. I am a photographer, designer (print and digital), illustrator (traditional and digital) and curator (self-proclaimed with the work to back it up). My passion projects center on the POC, specifically the WOC gaze. I also like working to connect creative communities.”